Our tentacles are spread acrossIndia, we have had the opportunity to work with renowned brands, iconic personalities and the industry’s finest. Our ever increasing clientele base is a result of our integrated approaches that have been generated for our client’s businesses over time. As an all-purpose Public Relations Firm, we offer a wide array of services such as-

Corporate Reputation

We can access your brand’s reputation using factors like management quality, market competitiveness, financial soundness, products and services to deliver positive results over time.

Content Creation

We create and contribute ideas to digital media for the benefit of your target audience. We can do this via blogging, videography, photography, managing social media accounts and online commentary.

Media Relations

We work closely with well-organized media team, journalists and newsmen who are in charge of disseminating news, to ensure that your brand’s image is kept in positive light. We will help your brand gain the publicity it needs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR aka Corporate Social Responsibility include; implementation of environmentally-friendly policies at work and being charitable to Non-Governmental Organizations.

Consumer Relations

The importance of maintaining a respectful relationship with your customers- old, new and potential, cannot be overemphasized. Unlike time past, when it was mandatory to do business face-to-face with your customers, these days technology has simplified everything. We will alleviate every issue associated with running a brand on social media

PR Campaign & Events

For your business to become successful, you not only have to sell to your audience but also keep them engaged. Make them feel like a part of the “family” by interaction or inviting them to take active part in any event you are planning to carry out and we will walk you through the whole process on how to engage your audience in conversations.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing skills are second to none, we have learned the ropes of the digital marketing world to help us make little changes that can launch your brand on an upward spiral.

Influencer Marketing

The boon of social media marketing these days stems from recommendations from trusted users which serve as “influencers”. We will assist your consumers in making purchase decisions by creating a buzz through influencers and that will be very beneficial to your brand.

Crisis Communication

Our damage control plans have been proven to be very effective.